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The Collector's Guide to Cluster Puzzles
of the 1960s and 1970s
by Kelvin Palmer

Puzzlers have described them as  tough, funny, unique, odd, ingenious, weird, a trip, Suess-esque and "the most unusual puzzles I've ever seen".  Having observed that a growing number of collectors are discovering or re-discovering these fun and interesting items, I have written and published "The Collector's Guide to Cluster Puzzles of the 1960s and 1970s". Quite simply, the book is THE authoritative source of Cluster Puzzle history and detail. I am uniquely qualified to tackle the subject, as my father, Alex Palmer, is the inventor, artist and designer who created Jumble-Fits and Cluster Puzzles in the early 1960s.

These creative and unique "puzzles with every piece a picture" were first produced and marketed by my father under his Tek Method Company name in 1964. The Cadaco Company began marketing the products in 1966. Dad created the six small puzzles titled Animals, Figments, Sports, Make-Up, Doodles and Whimsies and one large "Unlikely Story" puzzle titled "The Amazing Discovery of Alec Zandimer Plerp". The puzzles were challenging enough to assemble that each was supplied with a humorous "Hint Card". 
The fifty-page, all-color book contains two parts. The first is the story of Cluster Puzzle development and evolution. The story includes brief background on my father, tales of my family packaging and marketing Cluster Puzzles from our home prior to the Cadaco company involvement, insight into how each puzzle theme came about, detail of the Cadaco years and the eventual demise of the products.

The second part is a technical guide to Cluster Puzzles including detailed descriptions and photos of the various versions of puzzle packaging, quality color reproductions of all the puzzle artworks and hint cards, unit production estimates, vintage trade advertising examples, purchasing tips and more. 

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The Amazing Discovery of Alec Zandimer Plerp

Here are pristine examples of the last, largest and rarest Cluster Puzzle created. Titled "Unlikely Story NO.1: The Amazing Discovery of Alec Zandimer Plerp" and sold by Cadaco in 1967, this puzzle was later marketed in small numbers by my father directly. It assembles to nearly twice the size of the original six smaller Cluster Puzzles and contains 48 pieces. The "hint card" reads in the form of a continuous story, differing from the style of previous Cluster Puzzles in the series. These ARE NOT reproductions or reissues. The puzzle pieces, story card and labeling are all "new old stock" manufactured in the 1960s. The cartoon character graphics and color quality are amazing.  Only limited numbers of these original materials still exist.

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Collector's Guide and Puzzle Bundle

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