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Jumble-Fits / Animals, Figments, Sports, Make-Up, Doodles, Whimsies
and Unlikely Story #1 - The Amazing Discovery of Alec Zandimer Plerp

Cluster Puzzles were created by artist / designer Alex Palmer
and originally sold under his "Tek Method Company" name.
They were unique in that each piece was a complete picture
and featured humorous hint cards.

Alex D. Palmer 1920-2013
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The "Jumble-Fits" animal puzzle first appeared in 1964 as a
frame-tray puzzle. "Figments" followed in 1965 and both were
packaged without borders and in plastic boxes. The "Amazing
Discovery of Alec Zandimer Plerp", created in 1967 during the
Cadaco years, was later repackaged and retitled "Smart People's
Story Puzzle". An audio story record was originally included.

The Cadaco company began marketing Cluster Puzzles in late
1965. The "Sports", "Make-Up", "Doodles" & "Whimsies" titles
appeared in 1966. The "Amazing Discovery..." in 1967.

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Cadaco created different packaging in 1970 and released a three
puzzle set in 1977. Cadaco's catalogs carried the Animals,
Figments and Doodles titles until 1988.

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